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ABZZ Flipbook – word codes for numbers

Browse this free online ABZZ flipbook to find out more about how to make and decode (English) word codes for any sequence of numbers.

This 10 page flipbook contains all the tips on how you can easily remember all your number sequences using memorable words unique to you.

How to Use

To read this flipbook, use your mouse to click or swipe through the pages.  You can zoom or pan any page and select the ‘fullscreen’ button to make for easy reading.  You can also use the ‘search’ facility for specific words.  Press the ESC key to return to the website page.  You may download and print the PDF version using the ‘download’ button.

The ABZZ Code system for numbers is summarised in this Flipbook.  It introduces you to a new, simpler and user friendly system of converting any given numbers to words, and vice versa.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can purchase a bound book that contains the extensive ABZZ thesaurus of word codes.  The book gives examples of easily derivable and meaningful word-code equivalents of every number from “0 – 9999”.  You can then compound codes for longer numbers.

The online Code Generator shows many word code alternatives of every number from “0 – 9,999!

Happy coding!

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