The solution to codes for numbers

The ABZZ book introduces you to a new, simpler, and user-friendly system of converting any given numbers to words and vice versa.  The principles of the system can be mastered in just a few minutes and the book will draw you into many different uses and explain several fascinating applications.

Regular usage of the code will engrain it as one of your basic thinking processes.  A major advantage of this technique is that people will be able to find meaningful word names for phone numbers, passwords, pin numbers, log-in numbers, access codes or any number sequence that is difficult or impossible to remember.

All in one easy to understand book

The book also contains a complete thesaurus that gives examples of easily derivable and meaningful word code equivalents of every number from 0 to 9,999. You can enjoy browsing the thesaurus to choose a word sequence that is unique to you.

Check out the thesaurus (online version) on this website that lists word code alternatives of every number from zero to one billion (0–1,000,000,000).  Cool!

Number coding mastered in a few minutes

Other advantages of the ABZZ code include the ability to generate prospective number codes based on any words of your choice. Numerous other advantages and applications are elaborated in the ABZZ word codes for numbers book.

Book: ISBN 978-1-5049-9509-2 (hc)

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