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ABZZ Word Code Generator

Use the ABZZ code generator below to create your word codes. Just enter the number you want to remember, then press GO. The generator will produce a range of valid word options for you to choose your most memorable.

Memorise the words and decode back to numbers whenever you need to by using the simple verse found on this website.

This code generator is designed primarily for all numbers from 0 – 9999; all numbers from zero to ten thousand.

Once the method is mastered, it is expected that users can use the method to create word codes for numbers greater than 10000.  It is hoped that future editions of the word code generator will include higher numbers.  You can always combine word codes together for longer numbers.

ABZZ Code Generator

ABZZ code generator

To decode your ABZZ Output words,

Just click here to go to Decoding ABZZ

That’s it!

How to use the ABZZ Code Generator:

  1. Enter the number sequence you want to remember in the box above.
  2. Press ‘Go’ button.
  3. All valid word codes will then be displayed in a series of boxes.  The longer the list of word code equivalents, the more boxes will appear.
  4. There may be more than one page in each box to choose from.  Use the arrow buttons to  turn through pages to see all options.
  5. Displayed BLUE WORDS are those generally found in the English dictionary.
  6. Displayed ORANGE WORDS are places, events, names and foreign names.
  7. Some words will be unfamiliar – but in many cases, still memorable once learned.
  8. One way of creating word codes for numbers greater than 10,000 is by splitting the large number into chunks of less than 10,000, looking up the word code equivalents for each division and combining the unit words into a meaningful compound word, phrase, sentence or just write down the words for future reference.

NOTE: to decode back to numbers, see the ‘Decoding ABZZ’ page.

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